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Bulletstorm first video dated

The 5 May is the date of first Bulletstorm video, the sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Polish studio People Can Fly and Epic Games.

Moreover, it was learned that was scheduled for the week of April 12 to 18 for a press tour Bulletstorm, that because of the famous Icelandic volcano euruzione was moved to later date


Red Dead Redemption new images

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Extra PlayStation: Project Natal Milan event


The new preview from (italian tecnology site)

WARNING: The content is translated into English via Google, found the original link at the bottom.

Christmas will come for the add-on for Xbox 360 that enables completely new gaming experience where no controller is required. DDay has tried to preview during the first Italian presentation of Project Natal.
This morning was held in Milan preview of Project Natal, the extension that will allow Xbox 360 users to interact with games more naturally. Through a series of cameras that recognize the people and trace the movements, in fact, the game controller becomes the entire body of the player, who will not need to challenge any other accessory. The system essentially a motion capture through a combination of traditional and infrared cameras, integrated into a single support which includes a microphone. Developing all these data, Natal is not only able to identify our position and follow our movements, but also to recognize our faces, even interpret the words and our voice.
During the presentation we also got to play (in the true sense of the word) with a version of Project Natal preliminary both for the hardware for video games used in the demo. The recognition of the body is immediate, in fact just in front of the camera range that is actually quite large. The game we tested was really very simple and consisted of having to catch and hit balls using our avatars who followed through and all our movements: body, head, arms and legs. The system’s response seemed to us quite good, with a slight delay but in this case not likely to affect the gameplay.

We would like to have the opportunity to test Natal with some other game but the potential of the system are indeed impressive, even considering that the version shown today as development goes back even to last year. More details will be revealed only in June at E3, as we confirm Avoid Microsoft Italy in the following interview.

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Yesterday a member of the forum games site Italian SpazioGames, Oscar, had a chance to try Natal Project in Milan, here’s a guide:

WARNING: The content is translated into English via Google, found the original link at the bottom.

There we were, a closet in Via Garibaldi in Milan … a couple of xbox in as many rooms and some involved in the work of interviewers, cameramen and actors.
ok, after some minutes of stabilization, to understand who and how a girl starts to explain what Christmas:

machine factory is a lag in my opinion (seeing others play), but fly … I want to try:

I am, touch me (play with my girlfriend):
Riochet the game was the only tech demo.
embossed in hot and fast speed:
– Very funny, but not exciting as I hoped
– The actual movements are played very well, really recognize how it moves, even if you scratch my ass (tried)
– The lag is there, and it shows … the delay was quite evident, but not necessarily unpleasant, but not pleasant
– The men, or tech demo or not, trembling a little too out of place probably not recognizing well the player’s position
for this but a crash at the console (but go?) to restart (the demo was in a USB stick) English has the little man set the settings very hasty and apparently “mundane” the standard position, so I want to give too much weight to various inaccuracies and flicker

more or less everything, it was a great experience, but I would say that the machine is still immature when released under these conditions will be terrible.
In the case that improvements will be evident will be very functional and fun

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MGS: Peace Walker Making Off 1

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Dead Space 2 first Trailer HD goes official

Here it is! The first trailer for Dead Space 2 ! on HD
Good Vision !

Download Trailer

Pics from Trailer

PlayStation Move games predications

Announced Games
Move Party
The Fight: Lights Out
Sports Champions
The Shoot
Tv Superstars
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Toy Story 3
Rumored Games
Heavy Rain
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Motion)
Killzone 3
Resistance 3
No More Heroes: Hero’s Paradise
Red Steel 1, 2, 3
Epic Mickey
Gran Turismo 5
SEGA game
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

L.A. Noire Chief Magazine scans


  • 32 Camera’s are being used at the same time to capture the actor’s faces.
  • 327 actors and actresses took place in ‘the chair’
  • 4 Terabyte of data ships to Sydney everyday to process it.
  • 1 Gigabyte of data is equel to 1 second of actual material.
  • It’s a 2.000 page script and NOT a 20.00 pages script like stated before.
  • 30 Script-pages are being processed everyday.