What will reveal the next issue of Famitsu ?

Famitsu last issue promising a super ultra mega scoop That will surprise anyone!
A new game? or some great news on a game already announced?
Given the fact that since Famitsu, a Japanese game on, and delete anything about Western games.
Which console will be? Japan to dominate the PS3 sales (50,164 last week) and PSP (38,017 last week), then consider covering a game for PS3 or PSP.
A super ulta meha scoop on the Japanese could include Dragon Quest X (fow Wii), Final Fantasy Versus (for PS3), Final Fantasy XIV (for PS3), MGS: Peace Walker (for PSP) or Final Fantasy Agito XIII (for PSP ) arrange before the games that are 11 places in the ranking of the most anticipated games from the Japanese.
But it could also be a new game in the series of Kingdom haers, as Nomura says that a new Kingdom Hearts game would arrive this year (and not the third chapter).
Brend Another very popular in Japan is Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter a PS3 exclusive would be a grand slam.
Do not forget The Last Guardian of the new game Ueda (ICO, Shadow of the Colossus), of which we do not know much, and until E3 Famitsu could provide important new news and pictures about the game.
But the new incumbent exclusive Wii Xenobalde and The Last Story.
In conclusion, long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 in Japan, Famitsu could give the release date for Japan?
We just have to wait out the new issue of Famitsu to know, the appointment is Wednesday.
Take care!

  1. April 9th, 2010

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