New scans and info of L.A. Noire

L.a Noire is NOT a “Gta1947, Mafia II” game, there isn’t a game like this in the industry so you can’t compare it.

The game does include a lot of actions, car chases and shoot outs.

Instead of taking out your gun, you will take out your notepad.

In a conversation with another person you have to see trough them to check out if they are telling the truth, thanks to the ‘revolutionary’ facial animation system this is one of the biggest things in the game.

You can inspect houses of suspects and check everything out, from mirrors to steel pipes, all kinds of objects.

The crime scenes are based of real Los Angeles crime scenes back in 1947.

You’ll have to work your way up in a world full of lies, corruption and hidden agenda’s.

The world is a authentic 40’s Los Angeles and everything in the world seems ‘right’ nothing will hold you back to experience Los Angeles in 1947 tot the fullest.

Core of the game: “Lone guy against the world fighting the good fight”

Rockstar ends with: “There is a enough mediocre crap in the industry, we want to try something different”

Thanks All Games Beta

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