Introducing FirstPlay

Hello PlayStation boys and girls,

My name’s Nathan Ditum, associate editor on FirstPlay, and I’m hugely excited to tell you that Episode 001 will finally launching this week, on Thursday 8th April.

If you’ve not heard the name before, FirstPlay is the new weekly interactive show from the team behind Official PlayStation magazine, which will be appearing on the Store every Thursday from now until our video-editing hands become gnarled claws that look not unlike a crow’s skeleton. Each episode costs 99p (or £8.99 for a 90-day subscription) and is packed full of HD reviews, previews, and screenshot galleries, with access to betas and downloadable goodies included as often as possible.

Being the reigning office FIFA champ and definitely not a massive liar, I’m happy to say that Episode 001 features an in-depth preview of EA’s brilliant-looking 2010 FIFA World Cup, alongside HD reviews of God Of War III and Just Cause 2. We’ve also got our regular round-up of the coolest stuff happening on PSN, which will hopefully become a guide to a whole world of awesome content many of you might be unaware of. As an added treat we’ve also got a downloadable FirstPlay theme, and best of all, an exclusive piece of Just Cause 2 DLC.

We’ll be back on the PS.Blog every week posting news about our latest episode and trying not to sound like we’re about to collapse from exhaustion. The team’s been working super hard to make FirstPlay as good as possible, and we can’t wait to hear what you lot make of it. Hope you enjoy.

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