Take-Two to use Natal/Move in ‘triple-A’ titles

GTA, BioShock, Max Payne to see motion control? Take-Two hints at a waggle-filled future for top franchises.

Take-Two’s Ben Feder has revealed that the company is “exploring opportunities” to use Project Natal and PlayStation Move within its “triple-A games”, hinting that we may see support for the motion controllers implemented into future versions of Grand Theft Auto or BioShock.

“We’re working with the console manufacturers to explore opportunities to utilise Wii MotionPlus, Project Natal and PlayStation Move,” said Feder, talking with MCV.

“Each of these new interfaces have compelling attributes, and we are exploring how we can best leverage their technologies to further enhance the creativity within our triple-A games.”

Could we see PlayStation Move being used to drill off people’s heads in BioShock 3? How about Hot Coffee recreated via Natal in GTA V? Too far? Okay.

Take-Two’s next big release Red Dead Redemption launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next month.

Project Natal and PlayStation Move release this autumn on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively. There will be waggle.


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