Neptune Info

Platform: PS3 –  Genre: RPG –  Developer: Compile Heart – Publisher: Sega

Takes place in the fictional world called Geimugyokai – ‘Game industry’

Geimugyokai is split into 4 different worlds with 4 different goddesses

The four worlds are Platetume, Rinbox (X360), Lasdition (PS3), Ruwii (Wii)

The four goddesses are Purple Heart, Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart

Battles are in 3D

Able to summon guardian angels from actual games or from pictures in the PS3 photo album

Possible to customize appearances and combos

Neptune and others work together to beat the evil goddess “Majekonnu” – Majikon is the term used to refer to DS flash carts like R4

Game companies are represented by characters in the game too – Gust, Nippon ichi etc

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