Red Dead Redemption multiplayer hands-on round-up

[…]Though I lost almost as much as I won, it’s hard not to be impressed by Redemption’s multiplayer. Sure, the controls and cover mechanics don’t work quite as well as a dedicated third-person shooter, but they’re a definite improvement over GTA. Redemption doesn’t have the over-the-top feel you get from crashing helicopters into your enemy and then spamming them with rocket launcher fire; instead it provides a more personal narrative with carefully constructed maps. And while going Dirty Harry on some guy’s ass in the city is fun, if I’m going to play as Clint Eastwood, I’d rather be The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly‘s Man with No Name.

[…]I’m pretty damn excited about Red Dead Redemption. You should be, too. The crazy part is that I’m not sure how much of the multiplayer game I’ve even been shown. My recent demo was filled with Rockstar representatives offering teases of, “Just wait until we show you the stuff we’re still keeping under wraps.”
Well? I’m waiting. Hurry up and let me see it.


[…]We have to say we enjoyed all of the modes we played, but that’s only a fraction of what Red Dead Redemption is going to offer. Rockstar wouldn’t be drawn on details of a co-op mode but we don’t think we’re sticking our necks out too far to say you should expect something in the vein of Cops ’n Crooks and other co-operative modes.


[…]And that doesn’t mean multiplayer is simply tacked on. Far from it, the scale and variety of Red Dead’s environments and the sheer amount of cool stuff to do means Free Roam alone is likely to immerse groups of friends for long stretches. The core modes, while pretty standard fare, play well to Redemption’s structural and thematic strengths and, over the course of half a day’s play, are certainly never less than fun.


[…]As we headed back to the saloon, tied up our horses and called it a day, our time with Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer modes left us convinced that that we might be looking at the best thing from Rockstar Games since Liberty City.



  • Free Roam mode is a good diversion from confrontation and the other
  • Played with some revisiting classic theme
  • Multiplayer is not essential but an addition of weight


  • Some balance issues to fix
  • Those seeking the ultimate competitive experience might be disappointed


[…] If indeed the intent of the boys at Rockstar is to recreate the atmosphere of Western titles, made of fistfights, shootouts and chases on horseback, the target seems very focused, thanks to a lot of freedom allowed to the player and “lack “As a rule, if not moral ones, that allow to enjoy the game in an unorthodox perhaps, but definitely fun.



Check back throughout the day for updates.

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