Gran Turismo 5 menu screens

Thanks All Games Beta

    • April 11th, 2010

    Gran Turismo 5 best game ever

  1. That looks much like the Arcade Mode of GT5. I don’t think that you’ll get a defined combination of a car AND a track in the Carreer Mode.Perhaps it’s just another Demo for Beta testers or something like that.
    In Carreer Mode I want:
    – a garage
    – a test track (TopGear?)
    – a licence test “department” (I don’t know what it’s called in english)

    Greetz from Germany,

    • GT FRESh
    • July 24th, 2010

    i hope its old school menu and that u kan steeal tune and style cars. havent get so mutch info i have prolug bat its sucks big time gt1,gt2,gt3,gt4 is mutch bether then prologue så i hope the 5 kills everithing

  1. April 12th, 2010
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