The games that PS3 users want

The games exclusive to other consoles, games of old brands do not yet arrived in the new generation, or simply games that userswant to play on  PlayStation 3:

Kingdom Hearts

It was 2002 when then-Square Soft (now Square Enix) Kingdom Hearts and Disney created. A Final Fantasy battle system with a mold action with Disney characters.
Since then came the first chapter (PlayStation 2), a spin-off (for Game Boy Advance), the second chapter (PlayStation 2) and three spin-offs.
Still there is a chapter on next-gen consoles and they miss.
Nomura has said that more will come out a year at Herts Kingdom, and one already this year (in Japan) and will be the third chapter, according to rumors, there should be a chapter exclusively for the Wii, but rumors are always puer.
Moto will probably know for what console at E3 this new chapter.

Lost Odyssey

Xbox 360 is not just the console for JRPG, but the famous Hironobu Sakaguchi has chosen to develop exclusive Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360.
I wonder if ever arrive on PlayStation 3, one thing is certain will sell more than it sells on Xbox.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry was a much appreciated Brend of the older generation, but his landing in the new generation with Devil May Cry 4 has disappointed many.
Now all they still want a fifth chapter.
In the last issue, Game Informer reported the rumor that we were working Hinja Teory, expect E3

Other Games:

Mass Effect

Splinetr Cell: Conviction

Gears of War

Alan Wake

Dragon Quest

Left 4 Dead


Syphon Filter

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