Project K (Yazuka) famitus scans

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Project K doesn’t have a final name yet, but it does seem like it’s far along. Famitsu has a five page spread on this next Yakuza series title, complete with an interview with series director Toshihiro Nagoshi. And this isn’t like those early Yakuza 4 teaser previews — this one is full of screenshots!

The big surprise is that the game is in development for PSP. This is a surprise because the series has been an HD thing since Yakuza Kenzan.

Despite the platform change, the game will retain the “DNA” of the Yakuza series, Nagoshi tells the magazine. It will be an action adventure title with a story set in the neon city of Kamurocho — the same location as past Yakuza games.

There will be some differences from past Yakuza games, though. It looks like the game will have a different form of expression. I’m not sure if this means visual expression, as early leaked images certainly look Yakuza-ish. Additionally, the story will have some differences from past games. Nagoshi seems to want younger audiences to play it.

The main character is that young man who could just be made out in the initial announcement trailer (shared via screenshots at last month). My reading could be wrong, but his name appears to be Tatsuya Ukyou.


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