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The Sims 3 coming to consoles

On the cover of GamePro June, is in plain sight “THE SIMS 3 REBOOTED FOR CONSOLES”, it will contain the upcoming GamePro’s a exclusive preview of the console version of The Sims 3.


Gran Turismo in 3D at 3D Gaming Summit

Taku Imasaki (Gran Turismo 5 Producer – USA, SCEA)

speak at 3D Gaming Summit

Second Official Japanese TV Spot Released for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

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Project K (Yazuka PSP) teaser trailer

Red Dead Redemption new in-game images

The next Silent Hill is FPS ?

The next chapter Silent Hill Famous survival horror third person might be a FPS. The source of speculation is a document of the study VATR (Watching news at the end) where it states that the team is working on two projects: Rush’N Attack Ex-Patriot and another belonging to “a famous franchise labeled as belonging to the genus Action / FPS. The document, however, is not mentioned the title of that game, the speculations are therefore to be taken as such.

Konami from his hand, approached the boys about Kotaku, Replied “Wait for E3“Neither confirm nor deny such rumors.

We just have to wait for E3 to be held in June to find out details about the new chapter officers Silent Hill. Certainly the change of gender could raise from the saga that has marked the last piattume mediocre chapters.

Dragon Ball Tag VS V Jump scans

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