2 Exclusive on the next PSM3 issue ?

PSM3 on page for the next issue, announced 2 world exclusive for next monts.

But beware, not “just happens” specified if it is a world exclusive of the magazine or the PS3.

One of them is certainly an exclusive magazine, the assumption was that at one point, the PS3 exclusive, which would be in step 4 would not be a thing of great weight, a PSN game or PSP, or to Move.

Assuming instead that the exclusion of the review was to point 4 and the PS3 at one point, one must consider that at that time would miss two weeks at E3, so it may be a bit of a game that avrtebbe then an extensive presentation to ‘E3, a game for this presentation can be Infamous 2.

Viewing page teaser (a white feather and a drop of blood) may be the only game that im mind is Assassin’s Creed.
We just have to wait until June 3, it is not too hippi finally seeing little miss E3 2010.

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