LittleBigPlanet 2 – EDGE scans and info

As well as in game community support there will be a website It will run on the same servers as the game and each player will have a dedicated page to themselves with which to share their creations.

They have shared tech with Santa Monica for better depth of field effects.

They saw levels created in the presentation were Snake, Micro Machines, Asteroids, Bionic Commando(Grappling Hook), Plok, Gradius, Choplifter, Puzzle Bubble, Shadow of the Colossus, Space Invaders and A Boy and his Blob.

Alex Evans went on to say they have streamlined creation as well as expanding it. Using the Gradius game that was created as an example of levels that he hopes more people will be able to make with ease.


  • Huge visual upgrade
  • Colour filters for certain areas, e.g. x-ray
  • Instead of sliders in lighting and sound menus, they have percentages
  • Cutscene cameras are now white… (Seen in a screenshot)
  • You can place decorations and stickers on your planet
  • New features:

  • Bounce Pads
  • New hazard: Laser
  • You can make Sackbots harmful (electrify, fire etc.)
  • You can grapple Sackbots
  • It is possible to record something and apply it to a sackbot
  • If you program a sackbot to follow you, and then jump into a vehicle, the sackbot will catch up and jump in with you.
  • You can use direct control seats with Sackbots
  • Direct control does control momentum, so no unwanted shooting up into the air
  • You can program sackbots to hang off things
  • Level Linking ‘Badges’
    “Place the new level-linking ‘badge’ in your level and you can seamlessly transport players to another. Useful for building multi-level games as well as for collector types to create level hubs for great levels that they’ve found”
  • Photos on will be the ones posted on the level itself
  • Usernames on will be PSN names
  • There will be a facebook-style ’stream’ (possibly which will show highscores, hearted levels etc for each player
  • New tools:

  • Grappling Hook
    “A powerup in the mould of LBP’s MGS DLC, the grappling hook is thrown out with R1 and attaches to any grabbable [so sponge etc] surface until you let go in the same way a grab would usually work. You can reel it in and out by pressing up and down on the stick, and also swing, your tether flexing with a satisfying ‘boing’.”
  • Microchips: Once you place them, it projects a space in which you can build logic etc. When you are done it minimizes the logic and store it inside one little microchip
  • New torch/flashlight lighting object (Just looks like one, sackboy cannot actually hold it)
  • Extra round:

  • So far it is 4GB extra content (will get bigger). Meaning it is too big for a patch.
  • If they were to make it as DLC it would be VERY expensive DLC.
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    1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up! ^__^

      • Jamal Lewis
      • May 9th, 2010

      i’m super pissed at the fact you an’t actually HOLD the fleshlight ! How lame is that? Thanks again SONY for delivering yet another weak ass disappointment… Once again, my PS3 gathers dust whilst i continue to play hours and hours on my XBox360 and Wii.

      • chiffmonkey
      • May 10th, 2010

      Why not have a holdable flashlight? That would be epic!

    2. Wow – i’m so glad I kept this game and didnt sell it to game stop – lol. I got it when it first came out (lbp) but havent really played it in a few months since i’ve been playing battlefield, and lately – just cause 2- Thanks for remidning me how great this game is, I played again last night for about 3 hours after reading this post – lol


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