LittleBigPlanet 2 – Can flip objects and they’ll auto-scale ?

On a whole other point, I’ve been looking more closely at the top-down stuff, and it does seem to reveal that you’ll be able to flip objects, to flip them so their y-axis becomes their z-axis. You can see some of the same objects in the micromachines bit, flipped along different axes e.g. these soda cans:

I guess you can flip (some) objects and they’ll auto-scale, and fix, the dimension going into the screen as is currently done with objects’ z dimension (it’s fixed to be 1 layer in depth).

The other thing is that the track is laid out in a way that would be doable with the side-on existing tools. What’s new is the that layer switches are handled with what look like pre-made ramp objects (see the green one just under the soda-can in the first pic). I’m thus guessing that environment construction for top-down is the same as for side-on, but MM will provide a selection of these ramps (or stairs, or whatever) to let sackboy or your sackbots move up layers. Moving down layers could use a ramp, or just let you fall under gravity (I think gravity can indeed be turned into the screen).

Still a couple of key questions though – specifically about bolts and other connectors, and how they’d ‘flip’, or if they’ll flip. All rotations at the moment are around the z axis, and assumes unlimited space in the x and y dimensions. Flip them to be top-down, with a rotation around the y axis, and suddenly you do not have unlimited space on the two other axis – the z-axis is constrained by the depth of the layers. This raises questions for the ‘flip-ability’ of arbitrary existing contraptions, and also for how contraption construction will work for top-down, how bolts, connectors etc. would work. It makes me wonder if the little micro-machines kart would be constructable from scratch, or if it’s a pre-made MM object. Maybe contraptions that require bits that rotate around the y axis, or connections along the z-axis won’t be possible, and we’ll just have to use pre-made MM stuff…


    • JH
    • February 1st, 2011

    Any updates on these ideas?

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