LittleBigPlanet 2 – Other small info from EDGE

– “We’ve made a couple of tiny tweaks but there won’t be anything instantly obvious”, says Healey re. Sackboy’s default controls

– Music for ‘Tower of Woop’ level is Deodato’s rendition of Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra

– Sackbots can be set to avoid danger, enabled (or disabled) to switch planes and jump, or be afraid of heights…all ways of binding them to specific areas.

– Edge says it’s possible to spawn 20 or 30 sackbots in a level.

– Evans explains some changes more generally regarding thermometer “We’re trying to allow a lot more of everything but it will crucially be a lot more balanced. Before you’d hit your switch limit and you’d be done because it had a limit. Now we trade memory and CPU – lots of sackbots are fine, you just have to skimp elsewhere.”

– To answer a question I had about Sackbot behaviour, sackbots can have one behaviour set…

– … or on a more intermediate level can be set to switch between preset behaviours e.g. benignly patrols until player nears, whereupon they can electrify and chase after them…

– … or on a more advanced level can be controlled by microchips which house existing types of logic, and new types of gadget to ease creation of common electronic processes.

– Two of these new gadgets are mentioned: a randomiser (“I hope no one gets annoyed with the random gadget”, says Healey. “People have spent ages making their random devices and now its a single object.”)

– The other gadget suggested at in a picture caption is a gadget for ‘control tweaks’; see below for a bit more on that, one suggested later seems to be a momentum control gadget.

– The disco scene uses the randomiser; 3 cameras with different properties and transitions are hooked up to a randomiser, leading to a pulsing series of shots. Camera transition options include cross-fade and zoom-fade.

– Matchmaking now tries to match you with players with similar taste in levels based on your stream etc.

– Someone asked if ‘burning’ would look better; it’s one of a number of improvements they’ve made in the rendering. Evans says “Play the Darkness story level – same content, but fuck me it looks different” With the transparency changes they cannot guarantee 100% that all levels that use exploits will work properly.

You can wire multiple sackbots/direct-seats to one controller if you want (“some to tilt, some to thumbsticks if you want”). Or multiple controllers to one sackbot.

– Some of the direct-seat vehicles Healey’s made include a flying robot chicken with feet from which he’s programmed sackbots to hang; a hairy caterpillar (the one viewed from top-down) that grows when it eats score bubbles, Snake-style; and the metallic fly with the laser gun.

– You can finesse handling as you wish; Edge notes that the fly handles with ‘beautifully damped inertia’. Evans says “There are things you can attach to control momentum”.

– You can limit the amount of time a player spends in a direct-seat, count the number of attempts made. Edge asks if a direct-seat controlled sackbot can enter a direct-seat. MM says they haven’t tested that ‘but yeah…’.

– Another camera option, for cutscenes, seems to be ‘fade audio’.

– Browsing levels now seems to be via a list…when a level is highlighted, the creator’s moon is shown in the background.

– They suggest that a class of player will emerge that everyone will want to follow in their stream…people with a knack of highlighting and finding great content. They say these people will be rewarded with ‘community points’.

– You know those ‘other new gadgets’ MM won’t reveal yet? Edge says it spied perhaps two of them in the pop-it: ‘Magic Glove‘ and ‘Bag‘. I think I know what the latter does, at least… 🙂

– New filters added include x-ray, and ‘vectorise’ (e.g asteroids style outlines) These can be applied locally, to specific areas.

Thanks gofreak

  1. Thanks for all this info! Kudos! ^__^

    • Brian
    • May 13th, 2010


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