LittleBigPlanet 2 – Trailer Speculation

With all this exctement of LittleBigPlanet 2 and so much unknown about it, the LBL team have decided to study and break down the LittleBigPlanet 2 trailer and various screen hots of LBP2. None of this is fact, it’s just all speculation from what we’ve seen of LBP2 so far. So some of the things we suggest could be way off, but some things could be spot on. Anyway, here it is.

You can see that there are planets that have different themes and made of different materials. It’s been said that instead of the story levels being set in different countries, it’ll be set in different time periods. So it looks like these planets are in different time periods. The shiny blue planet looks futuristic and it’s been said that there will be a futuristic period in the story levels. So each story section will have a planet with a different theme rather then all the levels on one planet. But that may not be it, in the trailer we’ve seen sackboy moving from one polaroid to another and when it moves to another polaroid the planet changes theme. This could be how the video is edited together or it could be that there is only one planet and when you move onto the next story section the planets theme changes and goes back in time or forward in time.

It looks like these are story levels as they have a creator curator picture. One of them is named Da Vinci and we already now that a certain Larry Da Vinci plays a key role in the sequel. Anyway the thing that is most interesting is the amount of levels it has for Da Vinci, we count 10 levels. This is a lot more then the standard five levels we have in LBP1 story mode.

We can see Sackgirl on the sackbots chest in a driving seat, this is most likely the direct control feature, which lets you control everything you build with your controller. In the previous frames we can see how Sackgirl jumps into the robot.

We see what looks like a cinematic, the character in the image is a creator curator, he’s the god creator as seen and mentioned in other images. So it looks like this is one of the story levels and instead of characters talking to you in speech bubbles we get a cinematic like this. Maybe parts like this will be set up like little films as it’s been mentioned that we can make little films in LBP2.

We can see a cinematic with the god creator behind a book, the thing that is interesting is this image:

It’s the same book but now the shot is from behind the book where the god creator was standing. This can only mean that the cinematic cameras in LBP2 will be quite powerful as they can go all sorts of angles rather then just the front angle as cameras do in LBP1.

We see a huge popit with stickers, so this must mean that we no longer have to scroll through a small popit to find a sticker that right at the bottom, another small but very good improvement in LBP2.

Ok, the planet’s red but we know there will be different planets. First off all we can see on the polaroid it has “P C S” this must mean “play, create, share”. Will we finally get the play, create, share scores in LBP2? Also it says stream, could this have something to do with the upcoming LBP site? It has been said that players can stream things like the scores from their level onto the site.

In the first 2 pictures (above) we see sacks flying around on a machine composed of a razor, a microphone, and some other things. I noticed that the microphone has a cord going to it on the second picture, but there is no cord on first, so we may be able to modify this vehicle for ourself (both visually and the functionality of the vehicle).
it really looks to me like the screen has been turned 90 degrees in the counterclockwise direction to create a sort of shooter like Space Invaders. This is all speculation, but the orientation of the ship just seems a little strange, and this leads me to believe that the screen was just rotated. So perhaps we will have the ability to flip the screen in different ways.

the sacks are using their new grappling arms to grab a sponge that I assume came out of the ceiling when that button was pressed. This leads me to believe that the grappling hooks can only grab sponge materials, so they will function as a literal extended arm that can grab whatever Sackboy could grab in the original LBP by pressing R1

there is a mysterious object in the background on the far left near the middle. There are a few weird things about this. For one, it really doesn’t look like it is part of the background, and it seems too ugly to be something that was intentionally put there for decoration (doesn’t feel like part of the theme), which leads me to believe it is some sort of switch. If it is, then it looks like switches may be able to be placed in mid-air, and also, if it’s a switch then what does it do? It doesn’t look like a switch that I am familiar with.

there is an object that looks like a SIM card to the left of the player, and it says “LBP Mobile” on it. While this could simply be an object or a sticker, it just seems out of place in the level. I mean, it doesn’t seem to fit the theme very well at all and it looks out of place for an object that Mm has placed in a level. I’m wondering if this is some sort of new sound object that we can use to put our own voice into the level or something. Like I said, I could be way off and it could just be a normal object, but it just seemed to jump out at me for some reason, and we know that we can use our voice now. Then again, the voice may just be put into magic mouths, but this could still be some sort of other tool.

we see a great variety of DLC costumes being used on Sackpeople and bots alike (or, I guess all but one of them could be bots..right?… After analyzing the next picture, I realized that they are most likely all bots). There is everything from Patapon, to Resistance, to Street Fighter, to Killzone, and I even see a Costume that mixes Bug Blaster into it I think. I assume that the main idea of this shot is to show that we will have all previous DLC (including the Rare Stuff), and that we can dress our bots in it. This could be very special for those who have Bug Blaster and Crowns, because they can have bots wearing this DLC, while other users will not have that ability. King Sackbot FTW!

we get all kinds of fun things going on. First and foremost is the Gravity option in the popit. This basically proves that we will have Gravity, which I believe is unannounced so far. It also shows a tiny bit of the Sackbot functionality as well. As you can see, there is a flashlight in the top left corner of the screen. It would appear that most of the bots are programmed to look at the light, but a few are programmed to look away from the light.

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