LittleBigPlanet 2 – Direct control seats


Sackbot and direct control seats: The future of lbp, and the main features of the sequel!

This simple direct control walker uses the seat to move. I’m not sompletly sure how it works though !

Direct control seats can also be used to control sackbots, so in theory you can create your own protaganist, with his own control scheme, which, combined with the many possibilities of the sackbot, opens up a world of choice.

Sackbots can in turn climb into a larger sackbot !

This leaked screenshot shows sackboy controlling a fluffy worm !

Sackboy and the chicken! Sackboy is seen Riding a fluffy chicken, which can jump.

This screenshot, depicting Mark Healy and his fabled bottle car, whows the interface for direct control seats. To edit it, you assign controls to the various functions of the vehicle, for example, go, stop, reverse and honk your horn.

This direct control dragonfly can fly (Without the clumsy use of rockets!) and shoot both ground eneies and ’sack invaders’.

LittleBigPlanet 2,  will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 this winter by Media Molecule.

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