Killzone 3 – New Details

The new info of Killzone 3 from exclusive GamePro preview:

With new scans of the pages of GamePro, we can better describe the article Exclusive Killzone 3. The first mission Icy shores opens with Sev Rico on board a ship to transport it ISA Facility project on an outpost in the Arctic where Helgast imprisoned Captain Narville. Unlike Killzone 2, here’s session approach is fully playable. Sev decides at some point want to continue in single mode using a jetpack. This outpost of Helgast is similar to an oil refinery with auger, as amended for the achievements of particular weapons. Once they landed, destroyed the spacecraft, the clash with Helgast is bloody, relentlessly. The snowstorm combined with the rain of bullets, smoke and debris from the explosions has a concerto for war to be left speechless. The same vision in 3D incredible. Helmet Hulst, boss of Guerrilla Games, said the inspiration for this third chapter is coming recalling World War II and the Cold War, especially the figure of Hitler. Returning to the game, Hulst said that every part of our creativity can be used to stay alive. A bit like the fight between David and Goliath, but here you are David. The 3D real change in the world of video game Killzone. Through it not only watch the game with a different perspective, but live in a more intense and interactive with the environment. “With Killzone 2, the story was centered on the massive invasion of the planet Helgan” continues Hulst, “and now will join the company as of Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino, a bit like the Americans who pretend to be Nazi troops to enter Germany. After capturing VISAR, it was not left entirely Helgan. The third chapter begins precisely with a new vision of the planet, with Helgast that are grouped together and do not want you to go home. It begins with an M82, a gun and a dagger. The only weapons available. In the continuation of the missions can make new weapons. Now every level in the game has been expanded, giving a glance even bigger and more scenic vastness, an enormous scale. Within the vast areas of play, there are Helgast with their Jetpack. These have a double shot of fire and mounted on guide will be similar to the mech of the second chapter. Being inclined to go into long and differently among Helgast, you can learn alphabet and the meaning of their language. “Already this leaves already thinking about how the difference compared to Killzone 2 and there is also considerable. Do not just have to wait E3 2010 to find a visual impact in the first video of Killzone 3.

Original Source translated by Google

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