Epic Mickey: a new version at E3 ?

Epic Mickey, The game will put us in the shoes of the famous mouse will be present at E3, which takes place next June. The rubbery appearance of the game, presented on the first images, had disappointed many people, after distributing the artwork of the game, which gave a steampunk style to the world of Disney movies.

If we recently learned with relief that the levels shown on the said artworks will be featured prominently in the game, it seems that developers of Junction Point studio want to reassure all the fans. In fact, many rumors are circulating on Epic Mickey: The version presented to the Los Angeles auto show should have big improvements and most have little to do with the images until now.

Great news for all gamers disappointed by the first glimpses of the game, which seemed far from the world promised to the base. For even if the atmosphere is not steampunk appointment, we can still hope to find the game on another day.

Also, a rumor would place the output of Epic Mickey September 17th (for U.S.) but it remains to be confirmed.

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    • matt
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Yeah im loving the look of Galaxy2 i mean that game looks almost CGI in game,I thought Disney would have at least matched Galaxy for Graphics if not exceeded it,Warren Spector said the budget is endless and is the biggest budget for any game this year well im hoping for a massive improvement i mean if all 3rd partys like Capcom can match up to Nintendo’s quality then Graphics on wii in general would be up to 360 level in 480p tell me Galaxy2 doesnt look like a HD game and i will laugh at u its easy 360 level 3rd patys have lots of power at there disposal so use it,I mean good example is that Disney tried to pull the wool over our eyes ie Graphical make-over this is the problem devs/publishers need to sort out wii=2 gigapixels per sec and does HDR/AA something Nvidea7 couldnt do,Wii also does shaders it uses GX=opengl 1.3 which gives u access to shader model 3.0/half of shader model 4.0,These are facts devs dont use wii hardware at all most barley move away from Gamecube graphics when specs point to it being 3-4 times the fill rate of cube,With a GPU way more capable ect get a grip devs please

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