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Konami announce GamesScom 2010 line-up

Konami is the first publisher to reveal its line-up for the Gamescom, the event will be held in Cologne, Germany August 18 to 22 next year. Among the titles are appointed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, PES 2011 and Def Jam Rapstar. In addition, the company announced that during the event will be given broad support to Kinect with the announcement of dedicated software. More details will be published shortly.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – News on the world map

The news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII pop out with a dropper, but it’s still better than nothing.

Tetsuya Nomura, producer of the game, has made clear once again that the game will have a world map and you can explore all that good or bad you see on the screen, except for the mountains.

A large world map, then? So it would seem, so much so that there will be provision for a car move.

But when we see something?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Dengeki PlayStation Info and Scans

– Game Scenario is fully done at this point

– Character designs are definitive and will be shown in due time

– Clothes Design are done


In addition to Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura also spoke with Dengeki PlayStation regarding his upcoming game. Although the interviews were largely similar, several new, important details have surfaced.

By far the most important thing, is that the game’s scenario is now completed. Not much was elaborated on, but we can only assume that means the entire script and story have been fleshed out and finalized.

Character designs are also finished. We saw Noctis’ redesigned outfit back in December so it looks like we’ll soon see what has become of Stella and the other characters featured in trailers past. Naturally, this also means that Roen has completed the game’s clothing designs.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Famitsu Scans

Metal Gear Solid: Rising – Famitsu Scans

Portal 2 – The Videos Gameplay from E3 2010

Demo IGN – Part 1

Demo IGN – Part 2

Demo IGN – Part 3

GLaDOS Awakens Gameplay – GameTrailers

Blu Repulsion Gel Gameplay – GameSpot

Orange Repulsion Gel Gameplay – GameSpot

Thermal Discouragement Beam Gameplay – GameSpot

Excursion Funnel gameplay – GameSpot

Pneumatic Diversity Vent – GameSpot

Aerial Faith Plate – GameSpot

AI Sphere (Preview) – GameSpot

Killzone 3 – The video gameplay from E3 2010

E3 2010: Floor Gameplay (Cam) Part I

E3 2010: Killtacular Gameplay (Cam) Part I

E3 2010: Killtacular Gameplay (Cam) Part II