Infamous 2 – GameInformer Other New Info

Description of the Preview

There are pictures of what appears to be in-game screens although I can’t be sure as there are no HUD or anything.

Picture 1. Cole kind of spidey sticking to a wall next to a window with green shudders, cable wiring strung across strung above his head and a busy ole style street below him. It looks almost Victorian with people waiting to cross the cross walk, cars driving with their headlights on at night and brick stone streets.

Picture 2. An almost silhouetted comic style picture of the beast, he looks like Dr. Manhattan but red.

Bottom row of pictures are beautiful concept art of types of in game settings. I’m seeing high contrast, run down blade runner style streets resembling Las Vegas on a small scale. An assassins creed style cathedral, a creepy swamp with a dock and light pouring in from large dead trees with moss hanging from them. What appears to be a cemetery or tombs. Another swampy area but with a resident evil run down mansion in the background.

Picture 3. Cole wielding a big electricity conductor club that looks sort of like a double bladed sword. He is standing in front of a guy wearing cargo pants, a sweater and a helmet hood with a bunch of orange patterns and a gun.

Picture 4. is an assassins creed style image with cole peering over a sun drenched Venice city…although small and hard to make out.

Picture 5. Concept art of a multi colored lit tower in the middle of many old buildings.

Picture 6. Close up from behind cole standing in a water flooded area with capsized boat and old swamp house in the background.

Picture 7. Cole doing a huge spin attack sideways in the air with his electric club/sword. He knocking one of those militia guards into the air.

Picture 8. Close up of Cole doing his classic electricity zap attack to another militia guard. I believe these foot soldiers are people trying to remove people with powers.

Picture 9. A picture of Cole using a new power where he is thrust upward the side of a building via a cable line.

Picture 10. Cole doing a huge electric attack decimating everything in the area including a taxi and foot soldiers.

Picture 11. Close up behind Cole executing a huge electric vortex sucking up anyone and everything.

Picture 12. Cole doing another one of those vortex attacks but in a more visually striking scene.

Picture 13. A screen cap from an in-game cutscene where Cole is leaping and or rolling away from a huge explosion caused by a helicopter missle.

– Bigger bosses, promises to be meaner.
– A smoother morality system, not so black and white.
– Water kills you, tread lightly in swamps.
– Far more visually distinctive areas.
– Possibility of online functionality.

If you haven’t seen the Cole Re-design, hes much more attractive, hes essentially the Male version of the girl from Mirrors Edge. Hes got that handsome everyman face, with a light beard/mustache. A stylish hand bandage, messenger bag, simple necklace, V-cut shirt striped pants and a more modern looking two toed ninja boot.

Some quotes:
“We’re able to have a much more empathetic narrative this time”

“It was a superhero game that you could get into and have a good time. The second game, if we do our jobs right, will hopefully give you a heart attack.”

“Cole getting around – the marriage of parkour and superpowers – creates this incredible jungle gym of mobility. It becomes this landscape of opportunities when you can zip up a building, then find a wire that goes across empty space. You’re making it up as you go, and you’re stringing together these cool moves that allow you to dominate the space in a way that only Cole can do.”

“There are bigger consequences to your choices, and it’s not really obvious what’s good and bad.”

“Morality is certainly a big part of the product.” “And we are committed to making it impactful and meaningful, and have it be something you feel is responsive to how you’re playing the game.”

The Scans are coming MAYBE

    • alok
    • June 7th, 2010

    Keep information about PS3 exclusives coming!

  1. Haven’t seen any updates to this

  1. June 7th, 2010

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