Extra PlayStation: Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded Complete Famitsu Scans and info

– Re:Coded is being developed to allow more fans to experience the game, the DS was selected as most people have the hardware.
– Another reason for the hardware choice is that Coded was developed with the lack of analog in mind.
– The story will be the same as Coded, but aside from the event scenes the game will see many major changes.
– The game is targeting more casual gamers, and will have an adjustable difficulty setting like The World Ends With You.
– The design concept for Re:Coded is Coded+358Days+BbS.
– The co-director of BbS is supervising the battle planning for the game, while the same team will be handling the map design.
– The level up system in the game will be an expansion of the ideas from 358 Days (Panel??!!!! YAY!)
– There will be WiFi elements, including avatars which can be unlocked featuring the characters from BbS, and Lightning from FFXIII.
– There will be a secret movie in the game.
– Currently 80% complete.


There won’t be a multiplayer component to Re: Coded. Instead, Square Enix is working surechigai Wi-Fi features into the game. You’ll be able to communicate through surechigai with people who have games other than Re:Coded. It also looks like they’ve come up with a system for using surechigai even if you’re not in the proximity of other players.

The original Coded linked up with avatars from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. These avatars will appear in Re:Coded via the surechigai system. Nomura didn’t go into details, but he did say that the game has most of the avatars that are currently available on KHM, including Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning.


– Because the Sora in Re:Coded is a data character in a virutal world, there is a “cheat” system in the game where you can modify your own properties to gain an advantage in battles. This is the adjustable difficulty setting mentioned before, and it is similar to The World Ends With You in that you can make the game easier or harder on the fly, and it will presumably alter the rewards you get as well.

– Nomura also mentions that while the game is targeted at more casual players, there are also elements which are included to appeal to core gamers. Examples include a “System Area” which sounds like a bonus dungeon world with harder enemies and deeper areas for exploration. He also mentions that Finisher attacks from BbS will make a return, along with Trophy achievements.

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