The 3rd Birthday – Complete Famitsu scans and info


– The game was moved from mobiles to the PSP because the scope and quality was too large for phones.
– Aya will use a different sort of power in this game, instead of the Parasite Energy featured in the original PE games.
– You can enter into battle with a sleeveless outfit, but the defense will be really low.
– The game is an action RPG.
– Nomura understands that there are high expectations of a shower scene based on the history of the series.
– Apparently the defensive property of clothing (armor) are directly related to how exposed Aya is, so if you want high defensive gear, she’s not going to be showing much skin.
– The game is self-contained and is meant to be a high quality single player experience.
– There is no multiplayer whatsoever.
– Battery consumption on the game will be high. (333mhz confirmed?)

  1. June 28th, 2010

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