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Disney Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition revealed

Disney Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition includes:

Special packaging

Disney Epic Mickey Game
Exclusive 5 inch Collectible Vinyl Epic Mickey Figure
Special Edition DVD with behind the scenes footage and additional marketing assets and videos
Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Remote Faceplate
2 Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Console skins

The price is 69,99 $

Note the symbol of the Wi-Fi connection on the cover of game



LittleBigPlanet 2 – New Trailer !

OH !!! The new LittleBigPlanet 2 trailer is released !

Good Vision !

Started Kinect Beta Program

Microsoft is sending an interesting e-mail
Here it is:

As a former active member of our Xbox LIVE preview programs, we’re pleased to present you with the opportunity to participate in the Xbox LIVE and Kinect Beta Program.
This program is being offered to a limited audience and we look forward to your participation.

In order to participate, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

– You must own a retail Xbox 360 w/ Hard Drive
– You must have an Xbox LIVE account and internet connection
Before applying, there are several points you should be aware of should you be selected:

– This is a confidential program and you will be asked to digitally sign a Microsoft beta participation agreement.
– Sharing information about this program is strictly forbidden and confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

– DO NOT: blog, post pictures or videos, discuss on social networking sites, or talk with media or press about the program or its contents.
All hardware, software and materials provided to you will be your responsibility to keep confidential as a beta participant.

– You are being given the unique opportunity to see pre-release software, so remember it’s a work in progress and your participation and feedback are both valued and encouraged. More details on what content you’ll see will be provided once you’re accepted into the program.

LittleBigPlanet 2 – in action

In the movie below you can see from the minutes 3:32 one of the new features in action LittleBigPlanet 2:

The online community of the game will also be improved with the creation of website. From there, players may synchronise with their PlayStation Network IDs in order to check statistics on their own levels, as well as find new levels from the community, where they can queue them for automatic download when their PlayStation 3 is next online. Further to the official community website, improved API features mean that scoreboards and photos taken within the game can be displayed on a player’s website or blog; website owners may also use the API to add live feeds and data from the game itself. Creators will also be able to generate QR codes for their levels. When scanned by a compatible device such as a mobile phone, they will provide a link to the level on or will take the user directly to a level if scanned in-game using the PlayStation Eye.

“Tales of Graces F” announced for PS3

Today’s Tales Of event officially unveiled the improved PS3 port of Tales of Graces. Since there is a separate thread for the new PS3 Tales game, I’ll make one for this as well.

The F in the title stands for “Future,” and it highlights the main major enhancement over the original game. Aside from the original storyline, a post-ending epilogue storyline has been added to the game. It takes place half a year after the end of the game, and the voiced events in it take up 3 script books in volume. In comparison, the original game itself has 4 script books for the entire game, so there is almost twice the amount of story content being added.

Other additions in the game will include a new costume for Sophie, various new moves and hi-ougis for the characters, and many more. The power point slide at the presentation seems to indicate that there will be a new gameplay system being added called “Accelerate Mode,” and that Richard will be the 7th playable character in the game. It also seems to show a brand new dungeon not in the original game.

As far as the graphics go, the game will be presented in HD, but it seems that they will be keeping most of the assets in the original. The game looks to be a the original assets rendered in a HD resolution ala Sony’s HD Classics line of PS2 ports. The producer did mention that they will be doing adjustments as they see fit to make the graphics look as good as possible in HD though.

The game is slated for release in “Winter 2010,” which probably means December in Japan. About a year after the release of the Wii original. It’s ToV PS3 all over again!

Official Site


EA Create – First trailer and Info

Creativity will be unleashed as players design environments with easy-to-use brushes and tools, including textures, props and animating objects that bring the scene to life. On the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and MAC players can share any of their creations, solutions or challenges with the community through the console and also via the official Create website at Friends can download and remix solutions and set challenges for other players to download and complete. Imaginations will run wild this holiday!

Create is scheduled for release this November, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC, Mac.

New info of Tales for PlayStation 3

The new info of the “Tales of” for PlayStation 3 were revealed during Tales series press conference:

15th anniversary game

Hideo Baba is the producer

Daigo Okumura did the illustration, and is in charge of the art design

Developed by Tales Studio

Deciding on a character designer and artist to do the theme song



At the press conference, the new PS3 game was announced as the series’ 15th anniversary game and referred to as “Next Tales of.” It was announced alongside Tales of Graces F for PlayStation 3 and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 for PSP.