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Gameplay Videos from LBP 2 Beta

The tons a videos of the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta:

A Tour of the Pod Computer


Stereo/mono by Fyshokid

Geometry Wars by GruntosUK

Grappler Race 2 by Nummy-_0

Colour Cubes 3D by SneakySteve1983

Don’t Leak by Flippy3007

Sackro Machines 2! by Splapp-Me-Do

Left 4 Dead – No Mercy by Rienhearts7

Here’s JONNY! by LadyLyn1

Capture the Flag by Nuclearfish

Robotic Platforming! by Mnniska

Little Big Retro Arcade by Dadrester

RPG Concept


FIFA 11 on sale this week ?

The web is a special instrument, an important but dangerous.  Allows the immediate release of the news but at the same time there is no control. Anyone can post a story and this will go around the web (and the world) in seconds.  These days some users in our forums say they have discovered that FIFA 11 will be released September 21 in all Mediaworld and soon the news spread on the web.  We try to clarify.  When we were at the site of EA Sports FIFA 11 we were told that it could go before October 1, but maybe it was a bit ‘too early to tell everything. Now we can say that this week all the video games and electronics stores receive their copies of FIFA 11, then potentially have the next few days you can find it for sale.  This year, EA Sports, whereas its rival Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 comes out before, decided not to impose one day to retailers, but this is not enough since the day one is also used to prevent unfair competition between retailers (imagine whether a store should receive the game before the other and then sell it first). Most likely the big electronics chains, which should not take two weeks of games to take place in the warehouse will ensure that all shops in the area have received their copies of FIFA 11 and then started selling unlocking the situation in the city concerned.  We then have countries where you play FIFA 11 already this week and that countries will have to wait next week.

Surely in the coming days we will know more but do not expect to find it already on the shelves Monday morning.

Sony confirms ICO / Shadow of the Colossous Collection ?

Sony with PlayStationTEAM Twitter account has linked the leaked boxart of ICO ans Shadow of the Colossus that appeared on

There have been many rumors all week, we have to wait for the Sony conference at TGS 2010 Japanese time at 1pm, 5am BST, Thursday, September 15

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 new Famitsu scans

Trinity Zill O’ll Zero new Famitsu scans

Photos from Kinect Beta

For finish a videos from YouTube:

First BioShock: Infinite Images

The first images of BioSchok: Infinite by GameInformer:

The game will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


-New narrative
– Set in Columbia
– Columbia is a massive city in the sky
– Booker DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent
– DeWitt sent to rescue Elizabeth
– Elizabeth is a young woman imprisoned in Columbia
– She’s been there since she was a child
– DeWitt forms a relationship with Elizabeth
– She helps DeWitt augment his powers with hers so they can escape the city
– DeWitt needs to fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles
– Indoors combat as well as in the clouds
– New weapons and abilities