The first videos from Killzone 3 Beta



As we announced last week, the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial kicks off on the 25th of October. There’s a limited number of seats available, however, and the best way to secure a spot is to download the PlayStation Plus-exclusive Killzone 3 XMB theme from the PlayStation Store. The first 10.000 SCEE Plus subscribers to do so will receive an email on October 25th containing the Public Beta Trial promotion code and further instructions.


The PlayStation Plus-exclusive Killzone 3 XMB theme will go live tomorrow at 8:00 PM UK time (that’s 9:00 PM CET and 6:00 AM in Sydney, Australia), so make sure you’ve got your finger on the download button when it hits!


One more thing: We would like to point out that, at this very early stage in the game’s development, the Killzone 3 beta will only support the English language. Let us assure you that the final game will be fully localised and there will be opportunities for non-English speakers to experience it in their mother tongue as we get closer to release.

Fortunately, the headshot is an international language…

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