New and Old info about Resistance 3

This info from the a dutch PS3 magazine:

– Capelli is now a gunslinger and a marksman
– He wants to protect his wife and child
– “Exit New Haven, death journey to New York City, but first get rid of the six-eyed in the mineshaft”
– The game isn’t ready with the basic outlines, gun sounds are off, the HUD is still very empty, gun designs aren’t finished yet..
– They haven’t decided if they want health packs (RFOM) or a “classic healthbar”
– Aiming is easier due to Iron Sights
– Upgrade system is implemented to urge players to use the different guns
– But Resistance isn’t going anywhere near Call of Duty, they want it to be a “sandbox experience for guncrazy shooterfans”

– There will be new guns, but haven’t been showed yet

– Carbine, Auger and the Hedgehog grenade are back

– Last 6 months in development will be to polish the games graphics and presentation
– You won’t be able to play in a vehicle, but there is a big chance you’ll sit in the passenger seat with a big gun (like the boat from the screens), and a little hint is dropped at a Goliath sequence

– Players constantly need to get the feeling they’re being haunted and aren’t safe anywhere
– There’s a level where Capelli is walking through a ripped up roadrestaurant, a Chimeran searchrobot looks through the windows with lightflashes. You have to take shelter behind a dinner table, a couple meters in front of you is a mother protecting her crying child. Every movement can alarm the Chimeran deathmachinee.
– A bit after the above written part you will take a self-dug tunnel to a bowling store where the local resistance is waiting for you.
– They worked hard on NPC animation as they said fans thought previous NPC’s were looking fake/bad
– There is a part where an ally is blocking a nailed down window with his gun when suddenly a Chimera punches through the wood and grabs him by the throat and drags him out of the window, a firefight breaks out, Capelli hands out headshots with his Carbine while going to the roof. Once he gets there he sees a four-legged Stalker coming right up, nothing a well placed “EMP-grenade” and a fully loaded Auger can’t handle.

– Capelli also visits Pennsylvania
– The last survivors are hiding there in a torn up school which serves as a safety house, a place for food and a place to give people a good mood. (wtf) Capelli sees a little girl ccrying over her fathers dead body, the towns fool plays a song on a Chimera-skull-turned-into-instrument, and in the corner is a basket filled with chopped Leaper-meat. The cook grabs a piece of Leaper meat, drops it in a bowl of soup and then eats it up.
– In your journey to New York you will see the less kind side of humans, those aspects, as dark as they may be will also be shown.
– 8 player co-op is out because the lead game designer didn’t want to spread the team so much. The multiplayers biggest assignment? Not to copy Modern Warfare!
– The African Prison is located in Tjaad, probably not translated right on my part, but I think it was known already anyway..
– Another short level description: Capelli is on a small boat with Malikov in a swamp where there used to be an American city. In an attempt to get rid of the enemies they civilians decided to flood the city. Only the rooftops are above water. While hearing survivors ask about missing relatives on the radio Capelli sees the head of a huge monster through the fog. Out of the rotting flesh (magazine doesn’t specify who’s flesh) come tens of 4-legged who jump like face huggers towards the boat to try and eat Capelli’s face.
– A while later: Malikov & Capelli traded their small boat for a larger boat and they drive past a motel. The Christmas lightning reveals this disaster has just played out before the advent of Santa. Suddenly the camera zooms in on a big ugly Grim who is eating a victim. The Grim, interrupted by the boat, turns around and yells at Capelli. The Grims look even more agressive then ever. Just like the Long Legs, a new Chimera breed who, thanks to their metal legs are the perfect fit for this fight. A Grim misses the boat and breaks his skull against the side of the boat. The remaining Grims meet the explosive ammo Capelli shoots out of the barrel of his gun. A bit later the boat stops because it hits frozen tubes which tower above the water, and Capelli has to defend the boat against a wave of Chimera variations. The weather is looking pretty winter-ish for a summer trip, which according to the guy they’re interviewing is part of the Chimera’s “secret weapon”
– The boat has has reached a big river and it drives under the first of 2 red bridges. The music reveals the presence of the Chimera. The peacefull setting is interrupted when suddenly 2 yellow eyes look through the fog, and a giant outline shows up in the distance. The Goliath, which had tried to squash Hale on multiple occasions in R2, has gotten a growth hormon en it towers above the bridges. Its mechanic legs easily destroy the furthest bridge and it’s being accompenied by a group of Drones and squadron Chimera. A couple of eathquakes later it also destroys the second bridge with its metal claw, and its claw lands just next to Capelli’s boat. This is just as impressive as the train level from Uncharted 2 and the Titan fight in Gow of War III, but it’s also that much more frightening due to the size of the Goliath and the superb atmosphere IG creates.

A little info on the trailer debut/teaser trailer:
– It had atmosphere but it wasn’t what the interviewer saw at the IG studio.
– It was a symbolic trailer
– They wanted to show R3 was a style breach or something (hard to translate, I don’t even know what it means in Dutch lol)
– The art director has traded in the graypallete for more color (huh, R2 all over again?)
– The style is called Kodachrome
– When an old picture losees its color you get a nostalgic look, and that visual effect is what they’re trying to get in the game everywhere with “postprocessing effects”
– It’s 1 way of staying away from the many COD clones..



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