New Jurassic Park game details from Game Informer


* Story takes place during and directly after the first movie.

* Gameplay mostly inspired by Heavy Rain. While not stated outright, the preview seems to imply that action sequences will be QTE. Moreover, some choices will have consequences, although not as meaningful as in Heavy Rain.

* There will be puzzles, but there are no examples.

* The main character is not named in the preview, but from the screens, appears to be park staff.

* No major movie characters will appear (specifically: no Grant, no Malcolm, no Sattler). Some bit players will, however, like the chief veterinarian.

* Five episodes.

* The art design is realistic – much better looking than CSI from the screens, but far from Heavy Rain quality of course 😉

* RELEASE DATE: Spring 2011

* No word on which consoles will get it. Other than that, PC and Mac obviously.


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