Final Fantasy Versus XIII new Trailer Impressions

In this post you “I will illustrate” my impressions on the new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Well, the impact of the CG is always as usual devastating. Obviously the strong piece is the part gameplay. The break-in in the room from the soldiers is really immersive over that technically very beautiful. As also the part in the room “real” All that effects particellaris during the slashes and the magics are really a pleasure for the eyes. Surprising the teleportation surely used by Noctis in battle will reveal him amusing and useful to be used. Even if for the BS i don’t want to also express me yet because not him nothing. To notice the lack in the battle with the behemoth unlike the trailer of the TGS the blood is absent now. Notable the final part where Noctis fights on a base (?) in movement with on I break down him/it the city (of Tokyo). Beautiful the inside clock with the cycle day, night and sunset. Don’t like the use of tank and other means second me nothing with the remainder centers little and, but it can carry variety to the gameplay. Absolutely amazing the monsters in the forests. We finally see well 3 new characters: The driver, an elderly that tries to the life (?)of the father of Noctis (confirmed by Famitsu! unfortunately hss suffered a restyling) and a girl with an armor that seems to be a boss, but surely it will have a very important role. Speaking of the details that have been skipped…. As I have said the father of Noctis before it is the actual King, and it says:

” Unfortunately you cannot become King, I won’t give the throne to name will pass to the history as the last King”

On the’ HUD besides the wording (on the left) Magic Item Summon Ex-ARTS. On the right there is the HP and the MP of the PG. During the fights the names of the other characters are glimpse


Phompto?/Prompto?/Fhompto?/Frompto? (Or is that an “i”?)

For now we are then to 4 characters giocabili Beh for that other to say,  has bothered me that Nomura has destroyed the event, I hope only that tomorrow or next week goes out on Famitsu a beautiful QeA on the event.


ATTENTION these are of the personal opionionis, that don’t represent an objective opinion.

You expose your opinions in the comments 🙂

    • Fiesta Dinner
    • January 18th, 2011

    Square turned FF into Dynasty Warrior and everybody seems happy even though the game looks even more mediocre than FFXIII… From what I saw in the trailer the CGI looks impressive as always but the rest is… MEH.

    • Jack
    • January 18th, 2011

    Honestly? The cg was great, I actually think it’s live footage but the in-game graphics are really disappointing.

    Indoors are poor to mediocre, outdoors mediocre. The action is slow. FF XIII actually looks much, much better than this.

    The only good thing going for this one is the diversity.

    • Fiesta for Dinner
    • January 18th, 2011

    You are pathetic =)
    For even TRYING to donwplay this trailer – you are…simply put – sad scum! =)
    Go back to FF13, you don’t deserve this!
    I’m guessing no PS3? HA, sucks to be you, I’ll be enjoying this baby exclusively on my black behemoth 😉

    • Robert
    • January 18th, 2011

    First of all, your writing is really bad, many sentenses don’t make any sense at all. Also the punctuation is really bad.

    So I can’t be sure what to make of the text, I noticed you sounded as if you didn’t like it. I on the other hand did like it.

    The first spin off of Final Fantasy to be actually good was Crisis Core, which Versus seems to take many elements from, and also the Kingdom Hearts series which happens to be quite good too.

    Storywise we don’t know many things, but it’s probably going to be good.

    The the vehicles, it’s not like they’re going to be a major part in the gameplay, they’re mostly a “combat aid”. Mechanical enemies have been present in Final Fantasy since forever. And now you can finally get to control some, it’s actually a good thing.

    As for Noctis powes, I think thats cool not only for a main character, but for combat purposes. I can totally see it being a great element in gameplay.

    The graphics are looking very good, as well as the CGI. And it will also feature open world navigation, just like older Final Fantasy games.

    This game has all the makings of a good Final Fantasy game, whether you like it or not.

    • wili89
    • January 18th, 2011

    for all the people leaving bad comments for this trailer, i pity u guys. how could u even say that graphics are bad, i dont know if u noticed but the trailer u watched wasnt even hd! To the guy who said they changed ff to dynasty warriors, should take a closer look, how could u even compare it to dynasty warriors are u stupid sir?!

    • CloudStrife83
    • January 18th, 2011

    Humn, why does this game look worse than Final Fantasy XIII?

    The graphics on this one suck really hard, I don’t get why…and no, it’s not the resolution of the video, that fighting scenes don’t have the slightest detail.

    WTF square, you’re a trainwreck this generation!

    • Aghashie
    • January 18th, 2011

    Come on guys! Versus is the first attempt to make not a decent, but a great Final Fantasy on a next gen console. As we all know FF13 turns out to be a great disappointment, and most of us have lost faith in Square Enix as the triple A company they use to be. In my opinion Versus is meant to be among the greatest Final Fantasy games in history. For what I can see it combines elements from Crisis Core, FF8 and FF12, and all of them where great games. Sad I didn’t see any materia –just kidding-. Regardless of the sarcastic opinion others have on this game, I will give this a try. In the mean time (till Versus is out) I can still drool dreaming on Last Guardian and replay FF7 on my PSP. Is a good thing to be a gamer in those days, don’t ya think?

    • anders
    • January 19th, 2011

    The CG in ffvs13 is great.Finally a FF game that uses hack n slash by sword/s and magic and summons as a rpg game.I really admire SE for trying something new and they try to be innovative with a new battle would be really awesome if you can swap out firaga,blizzaga etc in menu and cast it by pressing L2 or R2.

    and finally they took a voice on Noct,but they still havent found voice for Stella for some reason.

    And this game will feature free roaming world,I hope:p.I hope they bring back the old summons like ifrit,shiva,bahamut.

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