PlayStation Meeting 2011 officially confirmed and PSP2 official features

Today Martyn Williams posted on Twitter the photo of PlayStation Meeting invite by Sony, on the invite is confirmed the announcement of PSP2, and some features like OLED screen, Android operative system and 3G connectivity.

These features might also be concerned with Xperia Play (PS Phone) but this should not be seen the announcement is set for the Mobile World Congress in February, the document also confirmed the day 27the and the hours: 3pm (Japan Time ).

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY !!!



New photo of invite by Sony for PlayStation Meeting 2011 posted by Kotaku Japan


Final Fantasy Versus XIII new material confirmed for the next Famitsu issue

A italian Famistu editor (nickname Prokanon) has confirmed on the forum of the italian videogames site SpazioGames, the presence of  new material on Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the next Famitsu issue.

Don’t worry guys, we have a lot of material to show you. You just have to wait for the next Famitsu.

Click here for see last trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the better quality now possible, waiting the 27th for the trailer in HD

PlayStation Meeting (PSP2 Reveal) time and coverage

Trought Twitter the Japanese economy magazine Nikkei TRENDY, has revealed the time that will the 27th it will happen the PlayStation Meeting 2011 where PSP2 will be announced, at 3pm (Japanese Time).

Click here to find the time that the conference will begin in your city

Nikkei TRENDY also announced that it will follow live the conference on his Twitter account

Nikkei TRENDY – Twitter Account

If there are also covers from sites like Andriasang, IGN, Kotaku and others, this post will be updated with various links


Andriasang confirm that maybe coverage the event with Liveblog

First Details on PSP2 – 3G Support, OLED Touch Screen and more

The first appear (official) on PSP2 rumors come from the famous Japanese newspaper Nikkei:
3G Support (3G Provided by NTT DoCoMo in Japan). With 3G you will be able to play games online, download movies and other software, you don’t can use to make calls. Also have a standard wireless LAN.

In addition, the PSP2 should have an OLED touch screen, and even a new processor to handle HD.

The price has not yet been announced, and there are no references to any fees for the 3G, or Wi-Fi models Only.

Thanks Andriasang

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Volume Two – revealed

As in every Kingdom Hearts also Birth by Sleep Final Mix has a secret ending that reveals to become the future of the series.
Here are the 2 parts of the secret ending of Birth by Sleep Final Mix

So after Dream Drop Distance here probably the last spin-off before Kingdom Hearts 3.

Likely that will come out on PSP2…


Final Fantasy Versus XIII new Trailer Impressions

In this post you “I will illustrate” my impressions on the new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Well, the impact of the CG is always as usual devastating. Obviously the strong piece is the part gameplay. The break-in in the room from the soldiers is really immersive over that technically very beautiful. As also the part in the room “real” All that effects particellaris during the slashes and the magics are really a pleasure for the eyes. Surprising the teleportation surely used by Noctis in battle will reveal him amusing and useful to be used. Even if for the BS i don’t want to also express me yet because not him nothing. To notice the lack in the battle with the behemoth unlike the trailer of the TGS the blood is absent now. Notable the final part where Noctis fights on a base (?) in movement with on I break down him/it the city (of Tokyo). Beautiful the inside clock with the cycle day, night and sunset. Don’t like the use of tank and other means second me nothing with the remainder centers little and, but it can carry variety to the gameplay. Absolutely amazing the monsters in the forests. We finally see well 3 new characters: The driver, an elderly that tries to the life (?)of the father of Noctis (confirmed by Famitsu! unfortunately hss suffered a restyling) and a girl with an armor that seems to be a boss, but surely it will have a very important role. Speaking of the details that have been skipped…. As I have said the father of Noctis before it is the actual King, and it says:

” Unfortunately you cannot become King, I won’t give the throne to name will pass to the history as the last King”

On the’ HUD besides the wording (on the left) Magic Item Summon Ex-ARTS. On the right there is the HP and the MP of the PG. During the fights the names of the other characters are glimpse


Phompto?/Prompto?/Fhompto?/Frompto? (Or is that an “i”?)

For now we are then to 4 characters giocabili Beh for that other to say,  has bothered me that Nomura has destroyed the event, I hope only that tomorrow or next week goes out on Famitsu a beautiful QeA on the event.


ATTENTION these are of the personal opionionis, that don’t represent an objective opinion.

You expose your opinions in the comments 🙂

Square Enix PDP Ttrailer in better quality